Electric wires and other purpose cable protecting flexible conduits are manufactured by us. Flexible Conduits of square lock and double lock type are available in galvanized steel and stainless steel material.
Type of conduits manufactured

  • Square Lock Type: A single square locking system conduit used mostly as protective cover for electric cables, encasing thermocouples in electronic and electric instruments.
  • Double Lock Type: Double locking system conduits made from Stainless Steel material gives more durability and bend radius.
  • Square Lock type with thread insertion: A square lock type conduit with thread inserted in groove of locking while manufacturing as to provide flexibility without any deformation. Such conduits are used in water-tight electric wiring and casing of flexible shaft tools.
  • Braided Conduits: Square locked galvanized steel or stainless steel conduits over braided with tinned copper wire mesh or galvanized steel wire mesh.
  • Interlocked Hose: Helically wounded per-formed metal strip with edges interlocked forms a hose called interlocked hose. This hose is mainly used for exhaust purpose in diesel generator sets, truck mufflers to absorb vibrations and discharge of exhaust fumes.

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