Double Bellow Expansion Joint

Most Often confused with Universal type Bellow Expansion due to its structure. Operationally this Bellow differs from Universal Bellow Expansion in respect to movements. Sometimes Bellow Expansion is designed for absorbing very high axial compression or axial expansion, in such case ratio of Bellow Length to Bellow Diameter increases more than 3 times. The Bellow Expansion is divided into parts by common connector. The common connector may be anchored on some base and each Bellow Expansion act as a single Bellow to absorb axial movement. Though this bellow resembles universal expansion bellow, it does not consider lateral movement but instead each bellow acts as a single expansion bellow.

Designing this bellows need accuracy as because of length and diameter ratio there are more chances of this bellows getting squirm. Hence such bellows are more often supplied with proper anchor.

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