Bellow is highly technical product and depends on many operating parameters. These parameters when provided by our clients the design department analyzes and calculates bellows design calculations with support of bellows designing software and advise optimum product. On receipt of purchase order and approved drawings from clients, our manufacturing and quality department comes into action. All welded and assembled bellows undergo testing as per design sheet. On full quality check this bellows are send for painting and packing.

In general Bellows Expansion is a corrugated flexible metal tube designed to absorb different kind of movements observed in pipeline. Bellows Expansion should able to deliver its rated flexibility in stated operating conditions, hence many factors are considered before designing a prefect Bellow. According to movements and operating parameters Bellow Expansion is manufactured with different combination of accessories. Only common type and widely used Bellow Expansion are described herein.

A Bellow Expansion Joint is a flexible part in the pipeline and by absorption allows movements in the pipeline. According to its usage the Bellow Expansion Joint absorbs axial, lateral or angular movements. The absorption of thermal expansions in a pipeline can be achieved be several methods, and when absorbing the pipeline's movements the Bellow Expansion Joints start moving in the direction it is designed to. Most pipeline engineers prefer Bellow Expansion Joints because they take up less space in the pipe system. Bellow Expansion Joints are an economically advantageous choice, and they absorb several kinds of movement than their alternatives; pipe bends and loop expansion joints. Due to the wide scope the pipe layout the costs for design, calculation and construction are minimized. Moreover operation costs are reduced because of no maintenance and minimized heat and friction losses. When a product with following characteristics is needed, a steel Bellow Expansion Joint is the best solution:

  • Resistance towards pressure
  • Resistance towards temperatures
  • Resistance towards corrosion
  • Safe and reliable
  • Relatively free of maintenance
  • Balancing flexibility and resistance towards pressure
  • Flexible
  • Economically advantageous