Axial Bellow Expansion Joint

The most simplest and common type of Bellow Expansion with continuous corrugations, connected with
end connectors as per requirement. Mainly this Bellows are designed to control axial movement, but under certain designing parameters such Bellows also take lateral movement and angular movement.

In axial compensation, the thermal expansion of a straight line section between two fixed points is absorbed by an axial expansion joint. The distance between two fixed points defines the pipeline length requiring compensation, and thus determines the axial movement that must be achieved by the expansion joint.

The following basic principles apply to axial compensation:

  • The single-plane or multi-plane piping system is subdivided into straight sections by fixed point in such a way that each section can be compensated by a single axial expansion joint.
  • The fixed points must be designed to withstand the pressure and spring forces of the axial expansion joint, the frictional forces of the pipe guides and the flow forces.
  • Long pipes must be protected against kinking between the fixed points using pipe guides.
  • The axial expansion joint should be installed in the immediate vicinity of a fixed point and a pipe guide.
  • Impermissibly large fixed point loads can be prevented by using axial expansion joints that are relieved of pressure forces.

Manufacturer suggests accessories like providing inner sleeve, control rods, ceramic wool fill, and end connections (if not known to customer) and material of Bellows.

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